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WBT offers a variety of options for selling your firearm with our help.

This will save you the trouble of listing it, and will also ensure your firearm is shown to to the maximum amount of people so it sells fast at a fair price. 


We offer consignment services in 2 different ways. WBT can take a set fee or a percentage of the selling price. This will be discussed and agreed upon during your in person visit. 

Please note, due to state law, we must hold your firearm in the back for 30 days before it can be offered for sale.When your gun is sold,  You will be mailed a check within approximately 15 days after the delivery of the firearm to the purchaser.

State law requires WBT to acquire your firearm using the CA State DROS/DES system. Once your firearm is “acquired” for consignment, the only method of returning the gun to you is via the normal DROS method. This will involve a 10 day waiting period and required documents/permits/licenses.  If you choose to cancel the consignment and request WBT return your firearm before its sold, there will be a $100 service charge in addition to any state fees required. 

Direct Purchase

At times, WBT will directly purchase a firearm from you. Please understand that the time/labor and requirement to hold the firearm for 30 days will result in an offer approximately 30-50% off retail value. Please bring your firearm into the store, unloaded for an appraisal. The sales staff can help make you an offer that you are comfortable with. 



If you need an official appraisal done on a firearm, Wilde Built Tactical can help. We offer the service that comes complete with a written report that includes the condition and appraised price of each gun. For 1-5 guns, we charge $25 a gun. For 5-10 guns, we charge $15. For more than 10 guns, please contact us for a quote.