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San Diego Gunsmithing AR15 Services

The AR15 is by far the most popular platform of rifle in the country. We have extensive experience to get your AR15 running to its fullest potential. 

Check out prices below for the most common services offered. If you have any questions, please CONTACT us.


50 Point AR Inspection (Ideal for Home-built Weapon)

Complete Disassemble, Clean, Evaluate & Report)

Assemble Upper Receiver (Customer Parts) $50.00
Assemble Lower Receiver (Customer Parts) $50.00
Change Handguards (Customer Parts) $50.00
Change Buttstock/Buffer Tube (Customer Parts) $25.00
Install Sights & Boresight (Customer Parts) $50.00
Install Scope & Boresight (Customer Parts) $75.00
Remove A-Frame Sight, Install Low Profile Gas Block $75.00

AR15 Pin/Weld Muzzle Device

Change Muzzle Device (Customer Parts) $35.00
Change End Plate (Customer Parts) $35.00
Install Drop-in Trigger Group (Customer Parts) $35.00
Install Mil-Spec Trigger Group (Customer Parts) $35.00
Evaluate for Improper Cycling (Starts at) $75.00
Change Barrels  $75.00