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Out of State Transfers

Dealer Transfer

A Dealer Transfer is any firearm shipped to Wilde Built Tactical. This includes other gun stores and private parties mailing firearms to WBT for transfer to you. 


Dealer Transfer Fee: $75

CA Sales Tax(collected at the time of DROS on the selling price of the gun, PPTs exempt): 8.75%

CA DROS Fee: $25

Firearms Safety Card(click here for more info): $25

CA Approved gun lock(If required): $8.99 

Please Note: All firearms MUST BE California Legal when they arrive at Wilde Built Tactical. If a firearm is found to be illegal for California, it will be sent back immediately at your expense plus $75 or the firearm must be surrendered to local law enforcement. Please check the DOJ Assault Weapons page for more information, or contact us for help. 

All pistols must be on the DOJ Approved Roster unless you are roster exempt. If you purchase a pistol that is not on the roster and it arrives, you will be charged shipping plus $75 to return it. 

As soon as your firearm arrives, it must be processed into our store. This may take 1- 2 days depending on the number of firearms that arrive. You will be contacted as soon as its ready to start the transfer process. Please DO NOT arrive at WBT until you have been contacted by our staff. We will not be able to start the transfer if you show up prior to being notified your firearm is ready. We realize you are anxious to start the background check, however we must perform certain legal requirements as well as company SOP before this can happen. 

Private Party Transfer

A Private Party Transfer (PPT) is 2 private people physically present to legally transfer a firearm in person. This is required by law anytime a firearm changes ownership. The exceptions can be found here: CA DOJ FAQ.

For PPTs, both parties must be California Residents. PPTs are Handgun roster exempt. Any illegal firearms or Hi Capacity magazines cannot be transferred. If you are in possession of illegal items, you will be asked to leave the store immediately. 

Please arrive at WBT with all required documents ready, and the transaction with your party completed. Please be respectful of other customers in the store. 

Please reference the CA DOJ FAQs for further information. 

If anyone needs a copy of our FFL, please use : info@wbtguns.com for correspondence.